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7 Sure Signs You’re at a Crossroad in Life and What You Can Do About It

by | Jun 9, 2021

Being at a Crossroad

How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Are you energized and excited? Or do you feel tired, exhausted, and find it difficult to drag yourself out of bed? Are your thoughts and worries keeping you up at night, and making you anxious for what the day will bring? Do you worry about what other people think of you? Do you feel that you cannot trust yourself? Do you feel stuck?

If you experience any of these things, perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life. They are a normal part of life and can lead us to new adventures, if we learn to recognize them and know what to do.

SpiritFlow Spacetime

An integral part of the journey to embrace exciting new and energizing adventures is to really understand your passions and your values. When you go through a process of self discovery, learning to connect the dots of what brought you to this moment in time, you will uncover what I call your SpiritFlow Spacetime. These are the spaces in which you feel radically alive, full of joy and enthusiasm. These are times when doors opened easier for you. These are the Spacetime experiences that had effortless, time-standing-still aspects that enabled your innate self to emerge and shine its light.

Your own personal SpiritFlow Spacetime experiences give you insight into what your unique gifts and positive qualities are. It helps you find direction and life purpose and ultimately leads to a feeling of fulfillment. We often have a tendency to focus on what we are not good at. According to research, as children, not many of us received enough positive mirroring to enable us to appreciate our unique selves. As you build on your strengths and start to align yourself, the energies of the Universe often align with you and you may experience increased synchronicity with meeting people and receiving offers and opportunities.

When crossroads show up, you can practice some simple tools to help you decide which direction to choose or which door to open. It can become an amazing journey of self discovery and transformation. You will learn to trust yourself again, relying on both your analytical mind and intuitive one. You will rediscover your values and honor them in all aspects of your everyday living. You will bring your unique gifts into the world, creating your own path and leaving a shining trail behind you.


Here are 7 signs that you may be at a crossroads in your life:

1. You have low energy and are often tired

2. Your emotions are strong and change quickly

3. You find it difficult to make decisions or hold onto judgmental thinking

4. You don’t feel passionate about your life and experience difficult relationships

5. You do not trust yourself or the Universe

6. You cannot see the path forward for yourself today or for next year

7. You do not feel a connection to your inner wisdom

In order to start to do something about being at one of life’s crossing, there are some tools and techniques that I have used to create new paths in my life. I hope that you find some wisdom in them and that they help empower you it forge your own new path in your life, and, of course, leave a brilliant, shining trail.

1. Your Body: Your body has an incredible wisdom and speaks loudly to us when you are not on your unique path. What is your body telling you? Listen to it. What do you need to know?

2. Emotions: Your emotions are an excellent indicator of what is working for you and what is not. What are they telling you? Listen to them. What is it that you need to know?

3. Thoughts: Your thoughts create your reality. Identify when your self-talk is positive, neutral or negative. How much time do you spend in the each space? Investigate your unique gifts and strengths, things about yourself that are positive. Remind yourself of these positive qualities and further use and develop them.

4. Self-Care: When you find yourself at life’s crossroads, it is of the utmost importance to devote more time and energy to your self-care. Reflect on your values, what is truly important to you. Remember self-care starts with knowing, honoring and loving ourself and our values. Self-love creates balance within and ultimately with others.

5. SpiritFlow Spacetime: Look back, remember and rediscover the special moments, places, and experiences that created a feeling of radical aliveness. This spacetime is when you are at your very best. You have full trust in yourself and the Universe. What were you experiencing, doing, being? Who was with you? What impact did it have on you? What impact did it have on your world?

6. Vision: When you connect to your inner vision or intuition and start making decisions from this space, you can effortlessly move forward on a path that is right for you. Take small action steps that are in alignment with self-care and your SpiritFlow Spacetime. You will gain clarity as opportunities synchronistically arrive that are in line with both your spacetime experience and your values. Then it is time to walk on this path that you are manifesting.

And, finally

7. Guidance: Asking for guidance and help is a sign of courage. Take a risk and reach out to show your trust in yourself and in the Universe. You will be exercising your self-expression and listening capabilities. You will be building trust in relationships. You will create clarity where there has been fog. You will leave the crossroad behind you and create a path that leaves a shiny, new, inspiring trail.

One of the major crossroads in my life was when I changed my professional orientation. Before it became clear, my body, my emotions, and my thoughts were all speaking to me. I asked for and received guidance both externally from holistic professionals and internally, re-learning how I could connect to my inner wisdom. And, then I had a profound Spacetime experience that led me to rediscover my innate gifts as a healer and teacher, which created a radical aliveness within me, and I knew instantly the direction I would go.

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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson




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