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Fluidity: Cultivating Movement & Flow

A personalized 1-on-1 Approach
or in groups of up to 6 people

Our life force energy flows into and through us. It is the source of our feelings, desires, creativity, and sexuality. Without this energy flowing freely and fluidly, you can simply feel stuck, tired, overwhelmed and stressed.

This Course is for you if you: 

Want to release past emotional trauma and stuck emotions

Are interested in establishing greater pleasure in your life

Are interested in accessing your emotional intelligence

Are looking to heal physical issues in your reproductive organs

Are facing intimacy issues

Experience increasing stress in your daily life

Fluidity is created through our relationship to ourselves when we make allow our feelings and emotions expression. It provides a connection with ourselves that makes us feel alive and experience pleasure within ourselves and in our environment. We feel centered in ourselves even when there is chaos around us. Our life force energy flows into and through us, giving us fluidity of movement and emotional intelligence.  

We will take an integrated approach to help you connect into this consciousness and learn ways to manifest both more energy and more pleasure in your life. This course is open to anyone interested in learning ways to manage their energy on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit.​ 

This course integrates ancient wisdom and the practical application of this knowledge in your life. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathing, bio-energetic exercises, journaling and individual exercises to help you connect into the consciousness of fluidity, flow and emotional well-being as well as different aspects of your energy field in order to assist you in establishing fluidity, movement and flow in your life and expanding your experience of pleasure.

What You will Learn:

To be empowered to take care of yourself body, mind & spirit

How your habitual energy field and defenses impact your fluidity, movement and flow in your life and in relation to your emotions and emotional intelligence

How to increase flow in your life

How to create an abundance of fluid energy through movement, pleasure and letting go of emotional issues, which as guilt and overwhelm, and feeling stuck, tired, and depressed

How to improve your experience of pleasure in your life

What You will Receive:


An Assessment

of your physical, emotional, mental and relational challenges 


A Workbook

A 10+ page Workbook to guide you through the process


Tools and Techniques to empower you to experience Fluidity in your Emotional Intelligence and more Pleasure

We have all experienced times when the free flow of

our energy seems blocked.



Energy blockages result in dysfunctional behavior and health problems. In order to unblock our energy, we can:


>  Recognize the blocks we carry


>  Find ways to understand their source and meaning, and


>  Develop tools to heal them

Melina’s Experience

Fluidity and Movement are an essential part of our embodied experience of being fully alive. It is seen in our emotions, emotional intelligence and feelings about ourselves. It relates to our experience of pleasure and whether we allow ourselves to fully experience ourselves with all our positive and negative emotions. It is my experience that many people are not expressing their emotions, not allowing themselves the right to simply feel and not allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable with these emotions. This leads to suppressed emotions and blocked energy and certainly not a whole lot of embodied pleasure. 

Course compromises:

  • First Part of Course – 2.5 hours
  • Homework including exercises from Workbook and Personalized as well
  • Second Part of Course – 2.5 hours

Book the date and time for the first part of the course now.

If you would like the 30-minute free consultation prior to the course, please book separately.​

Price for 1-2 people: 


Price for 3-4 people: 


Price for 5-6 people: 


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