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Exploring YOUniversal Energy

A personalized 1-on-1 Approach
or in groups of up to 6 people

If there are aspects of yourself and your life that you are looking to transform, understanding energy and the body-mind connection is essential. Afterall, Einstein famously said: “Everything is energy.”

This Course is for You if you: 

Are beginning your exploration of subtle energy

Are interested in accessing your intuition

Are curious to experience your own subtle energy

Are skeptical are the existence of subtle energy

Want to understand the body-mind connection

This course is open to anyone curious about subtle energy and the body-mind connection and interested in learning ways to manage their energy on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit.

There have been great advances into understanding the nature of reality through the study of quantum physics along with significant developments in the larger field of psychology. If you integrate this science with the insights of the great wisdom traditions and teachings, your reality and beliefs will expand, enabling you to become much more in charge of your life.

During this experiential course, we will discuss new research in quantum physics and psychology as it relates to subtle energy and the body-mind connection. We will explore through experiential exercises, and you will become more in touch with your inner self, your energy and your intuition.

What You will Learn:

To be empowered to take care of yourself body, mind & spirit

How your habitual energy field and defenses impact your life

How to experience your own subtle energy

How you can use your mind to direct and change your energy

How to improve your physical health and well-being

What You will Receive:


A Workbook

A 10+ page Workbook with exercises and homework to guide you through the process


Tools and Techniques to empower you to experience your own Subtle Energy

We have all experienced times when the free flow of

our energy seems blocked.



Energy blockages result in dysfunctional behavior and health problems. In order to unblock our energy, we can:


>  Recognize the blocks we carry


>  Find ways to understand their source and meaning, and


>  Develop tools to heal them

Melina’s Experience

Learning about the Universal Energy Field and the Human Energy Field should really be part of everyone’s basic education. If you are curious about Subtle Energy, Intuition, and how Energy Healing works, join me for this introductory and experiential course. During the course, you will learn about subtle energy through both discussion and sensorial experiences, because I don’t believe there is any better teacher than direct experience!


Course compromises:

  • First Part of Course – 2.5 hours
  • Homework including exercises from Workbook and Personalized as well
  • Second Part of Course – 2.5 hours

Book the date and time for the first part of the course now.

If you would like the 30-minute free consultation prior to the course, please book separately.​

Price for 1-2 people: 


Price for 3-4 people: 


Price for 5-6 people: 


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