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Healing in Sedona

with Melina Fuhrmann - Dedicated to Multi-Dimensional Well-being
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Experience Reiki Healing either in the spa or on the red rocks. Join a Sedona Retreat. Discover the Sedona Vortex at Bell Rock. Start or complete your Reiki Training with Melina. Empower yourself to create more flow in your life, to be more balanced, and to align with your life purpose, enabling yourself to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, or in any way that is holding you back from thriving as your authentic self.

When you find yourself at life’s crossroads, transform your life with Melina

Spirit Mentoring, Reiki Healing, Brennan Healing Science Energy Healing and Energy Consciousness Teaching such as Reiki Training and learning about your Chakras is available in person and online. Join a community of people from more than 70 countries who have experienced transformation of their health, relationships, emotional well-being, and much more with Melina, a Reiki Master Teacher & Healer and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. 

Experience Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing

Create Balance and Flow in your Life

Experience Full Spectrum Transformation

Align with your Life Purpose

Reconnect to your Core Essence

Personalized Services:

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy, Reiki Healing, Brennan Healing Science, Chakra Balancing, Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Energy Healing in the Salt Room, Couple’s Energy Healing & Spiritual Experientials, Nature as Sanctuary, Meditation Mentoring & Training & Energy Management Techniques

All services available in-person and online

Prepare yourself for your visit to Sacred Sedona by beginning your transformational journey before you arrive by meeting Melina first online


Melina is a beautiful, gifted guide, teacher and energy healer. In addition to providing extraordinary wisdom and knowledge, Melina approaches energy work not only intuitively, but also with profound knowledge and insight. She holds to a high ethical standard not only in the healing she provides, but in her instructional capacities. Melina’s generous nature truly inspires and she serves not only as a trusted mentor, but a profound support. Melina’s coursework encouraged me to trust my gifts, embrace my strengths and be accountable to the process, and she continues to provide encouragement and support long after our time together ended. There are countless options for Reiki trainings, in person and online, but I suspect there are very few who are as authentic and insightful as Melina. Anyone who is really interested in energy work and Reiki training would benefit greatly from studying with her, as she inspires excellence by modeling the same.

Charis Nick-Torok

Courses & Retreats

Are you looking for a Sedona Retreat or Course? SpiritFlow Sedona is available online, in Sedona and once a year back in Switzerland. You may join a group in-person or online, create your own group or learn 1-to-1 with Melina. Learn Energy Healing, Reiki and all about Energy Consciousnesss.

Next in-person Training and Retreats in Sedona: Reiki Level I on June 8-9, 2024. Reiki Level II on August 24-25, 2024. Sacred Sedona Spiritual Retreat on July 5-7, 2024. Sacred Sedona Healing Retreat in the Autumn of 2024. Please sign-up to be informed.

Groups at Oasis in Sedona

If you are looking for a private group experience or class, we can accomodate you at Oasis in Sedona, our Retreat Center nextdoor.

Outdoor Experiences

If you are interested in an Outdoor Experience with me, such as Reiki & Sound on the Rocks, Vortex Healing Tour, Labyrinth Journey or Meditation Experience, please email or text me on +1-928-821-9061.

Visits to Coconino National Forest coordinated with
(a Member of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association)
and FULLY Permitted for Operation on the Coconino National Forest.

What Is SpiritFlow?

SpiritFlow is for you if you feel you are at one of life’s crossroads and if you believe that you are fundamentally a spiritual being having a physical existence. It is for you if you believe that there is a strong Body-Mind connection that you would like to understand and master.

SpiritFlow is for you if you believe that your Level of Consciousness is foundational to:

Your Vision

Finding your Life Purpose

Healing your Relationships

Expanding your Mindset

Releasing your Emotions

Nourishing your Health and Well-being

And to how all these can Effortlessly Unfold in YOUR Life!

Full Spectrum Energy Healing

Healing begins with changes in the vibratory frequencies that you are experiencing on all levels of your being. This can be done in many ways, either through hands-on-healing or at a distance or even through learning.

Releasing Emotional Trauma

Transformation begins with acknowledging your past programming and trauma. It continues with understanding how your chosen path has brought you to the place where you now will experience healing through the release and transformation of these held energies. 

Self-Care, Self-Healing & Immune System Optimization

As an integral part of your transformation, you will experience your own subtle energy and learn how to use it for self-care, self-healing and immune system optimization.

SpiritFlow Teachings

Transformation continues with a commitment to yourself and self-responsibility. As your Spirit Mentor, I will assist you your empowerment to be self-reliant for your transformation. This might entail deepening your knowledge through SpiritFlow Courses.

Life Purpose Discovery

In order to discover your life purpose, it will be essential to work with intention and your innate core strengths. You will discover a new you… Empowered, Intentionally, Effortlessly.

Melina on Sedona Vortex Tour

 30-minute to 3-hour Sessions – in Sedona & Online

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different instrumentss to create healing vibrations in and around the body. Singing Bowls are tuned at strategic frequencies for healing different parts of the body and mind. Curious? Try this 30-minute session!

Energy Healing in the Salt Room

Energy Healing Salt Room

I am offering Energy Healing Sessions in the Salt Room at Sedona Infinity Spa. This is truly a unique experience in Sedona. The session is 60 minutes with a 45-55 minute energy healing and the halo therapy machine providing a healing environment for the skin and respiratory system. Also available for couples. There is limited availability in January, as the Salt Room will be painted.

Hands on healing

Brennan Healing Science

Dr. Barbara Brennan developed BHS, a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. Practitioners are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialized hands-on healing techniques and skills. 60-minute healing, 90-minute session.

Couple Healing

Couple's Energy Healing in Oasis

At Oasis in Sedona, we are offering Energy Healing Sessions for Couples. This is truly a unique experience in Sedona. To experience this as a couple may be the most memorable experience you can have to spiritually reconnect! Within couples we experience relational cords and their attachments between partners. In this session we can begin to heal and strengthen those connections through relational cord work that will enable a clearer and healthier energetic flow between both of you. 90 minutes.

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy sessions are a combination of holistic coaching, bio-energetic training, and energy healing sessions. Together, you and Melina will explore where you are in your life from a physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual perspective. You will then co-create with Melina a plan that will support your multi-dimensional health and well-being, as well as enable spiritual growth and positive evolutions within both your current as well as past relationships. Sessions are 2-3 hours in-person or online.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki originated in Japan and is a simple yet profound method of aligning an individual with his or her Life Energy to promote relaxation, healing and spiritual growth. The word Reiki is derived from Rei (universal spirit) and Ki (life energy). The practice of Reiki is founded on the ancient notion of Life Energy, which has been called Ki, Chi and Prana. You may choose:

  • Reiki 45- or 60-minute Healing
  • Reiki Attunement
  • Reiki Group Healing

Life's Crossroads

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Mind-Body Connection

5 Life-Changing Beliefs that Unlock Wellbeing

Nature as Medicine

The SpiritFlow Sanctuary. Finding yourself in Sedona.

Life's Wake-Up Call

12 Key Factors that can make a difference

About Melina

Melina is a spirit mentor, healer and guide like no other. She is a holistic coach, therapist, spiritual counselor, speaker, and your biggest support and fan, if you choose to work with her. Embodying the wisdom of an ancient mystic and the dedication of a grounded, highly-educated professional, Melina has enabled full spectrum transformations in her clients from over 70 countries during her many years in Switzerland and now in Sedona. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe, the 4-year energy healing program established by the renowned former NASA scientist who wrote Hands of Light, and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Working with clients from all over the world, she is whole-heartedly dedicated to empowering you to create more flow and balance in your life, to free yourself from limiting beliefs, and to align with your life purpose, enabling you to transform and heal in any way that is holding you back from your untapped potential.

Meet her online or in Sedona now.

Melina at Bell Rock with her Himalayan Bowl
Melina with Chimes with Bell Rock in the distance

Courses & Retreats – Online, Sedona & Switzerland

Energy Consciousness Courses

Energy Consciousness

Learn about your subtle energy and how you can cultivate a life transformation through self-knowledge, self- awareness, and life-changing practices.

Healing Hands


The body knows how to heal itself. Learn how you can empower yourself to direct and improve your energy and achieve healing holistically.

Flow in the slot canyons of Arizona


Flow is a very embodied state. You are fully present and fully in tune with all your senses. It allows effortlessly to become guiding force in your life.

Retreats in the red rocks of Arizona


Nature is our Sanctuary in these times of turbulence. SpiritFlow will be holding retreats both in Sedona and in Switzerland.

Set your Intention. 

Take the Challenge.

Feel the Flow.

Become more Balanced.

Transform Yourself.

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