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My Signature Session: Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy

 A personalized 1-on-1 Approach

My Signature Session: Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy

 A personalized 1-on-1 Approach

Are you at one of life’s crossroads and interested in experiencing the benefits of a personal, qualified Spirit Mentor?

Explore Spirit Mentoring for a Real Transformation

Take a moment and check in with yourself. How is your body feeling right in this moment? If you are generally healthy, check in for subtle symptoms. Is your neck feeling tense? Does your lower back ache? Do you have a headache? Are you exhausted… again? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the stress in your life? Is anxiety present in your life? Are past traumas still affecting you in your daily life? Are your current relationships suffering? Or perhaps you’re battling a more serious health diagnosis.

Whether you’re experiencing the nuisance of a minor physical symptom, the more concerning stress of a serious health condition , or simple curiosity about how you might improve your physical energy and immunity and increase your longevity, your body is built to heal itself. If you’re experiencing emotionally and mentally challenging situations, do you know how to access your innate wisdom to find answers and healing within?

The Body Knows How to Heal Itself

Your body is wonderfully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that are under the influence of your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs and images. It knows how to kill cancer cells, fix broken proteins, slow aging, eliminate toxins, flight infections, get rid of foreign bodes, and otherwise keep you healthy. Dis-ease manifests when these self-repair mechanisms stop functioning the way they know how.

One of the main influences on your overall well-being is your nervous system and its two operating systems – the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Unfortunately, most of the time the “fight-or-flight” stress response of the sympathetic nervous system is dominant in our life, while the relaxation response run by the parasympathetic nervous system is limited. And, it is only when your nervous system is in a relaxation response that your body’s self-repair mechanism functions. 

The sympathetic nervous system and its stress response is there to protect you in case you are being chased by a wild animal. But these days this is highly unlikely to happen to you. However, our stress responses get triggered on average over 50 times per day. There is a part of your brain that perceives negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs, such as financial fears, work stress, relationship worries, loneliness, or pessimism, as threats equally scary as a wild animal. Then your stress response kicks in, and our bodies can’t repair themselves. No wonder we get sick.

SpiritFlow can help you improve your overall well-being through its multi-dimensional and personalized approach. You can be supported by a qualified practitioner, and you can also learn to support your own healing and transformation. 

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy sessions are a combination of holistic coaching, bio-energetic training, and energy healing sessions. Together, you and Melina will explore where you are in your life from a physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual perspective. You will then co-create with Melina a plan that will support your multi-dimensional health and well-being, as well as enable spiritual growth and positive evolutions within both your current as well as past relationships. 

This is for You if you would like to:

Navigate successfully through one of Life's Crossroads

Empower your Body to Heal itself

Find your Life Purpose

Release Past Trauma

Transform your Entire Life

Improve Overall Health and Well-being

What You Will Receive

Real Life Tools

to help Empower you with your Health and Well-being

Bio-energetic Practices

Tailored to fit your Lifestyle and your Energetic Template

Access to Support

Unlimited Email and Phone Support with all Packages

Learn How You Can Activate Your Body’s Natural Healing Mechanisms​:

Believe You Can Heal Yourself
Don’t believe that positive belief can cure the body? Think again! The medical establishment has been proving that the mind can cure the body for over 50 years. It is called “the placebo effect,” and it has been proven to cause resolution of symptoms – and real physiological change — in 18-80% of the patients in clinical trials who are treated with nothing more than sugar pills, saline injections, or fake surgeries.

As long as you believe your condition is “incurable” or “chronic,” it will be. Scientific data proves that once you believe healing is possible, it can be. So, what do you believe?

Find the Right Support
To say that you can heal yourself is sort of a misnomer because the scientific data proves that, equally essential to positive belief is the nurturing care of a true healer, someone optimistic who shares your positive belief, includes you in true partnership, respects your intuition, cares for your wellbeing, and ensures you that you won’t be alone on your self-healing journey.

Do you have the right healers on your health care team? Energy therapy is an excellent complement to Western & Eastern Medicine as well as work with a psychotherapist.

Listen to Your Body & Your Intuition
Nobody knows your body better than you, not even a doctor. Doctors may know the arteries of the leg or the anatomy of your organs better than you, but you know what’s best for your own body better than anyone else.

Your body is your responsibility. So, listen to your intuition and trust what it tells you.

Not in touch with your intuition? Then listen to your body, which is one vehicle your intuition uses to speak to you. If you have a physical sensation in your body — pain, tightness, nausea, clenching, dizziness — ask your body what it is trying to communicate to you. Then listen up! This is the voice of your inner wisdom and it will always lead you directly to your truth. Through working with an Energy Therapist you can awaken your intuition.

Diagnose the Root Causes of your Illness
Your doctor may give you one kind of diagnosis – migraines or irritable bowel syndrome or breast cancer, for example. But it is important to diagnose the root of what might have triggered stress responses in your body and deactivated your body’s self-healing mechanisms, thereby making your body vulnerable to illness.

With an Energy Therapist you can explore the aspects of your life are activating your stress responses as well as the relaxation response-inducing activities — like meditation, creative expression, laughter, engaging in work you love, massage, yoga, or playing with animals — have you been neglecting? Through this therapy you may find that your longings are activated and you start finding more pleasure in your life.

Illness is often a wakeup call, forcing us to get down and dirty with what’s really true in our lives. We can either play the victim or we can use illness as an opportunity to awaken.

Write the Prescription for Yourself
A prescription of this kind is a self-guided action plan intended to make your body ripe for optimal health and full recovery. Ask yourself, “What does my body need in order to heal?” Your plan may include diet changes, an exercise regimen, and a conventional medical treatment plan. But it may also include getting out of a toxic relationship, quitting a soul-sucking job, adding a meditation practice, taking steps to get out of debt, or following a passion.

Through a series of sessions, we can get clarity for what works for you.

Surrender to Expected Outcomes
What if you’ve adopted a positive attitude, found the right healer, tapped into your intuition and your body, diagnosed the root cause of your health condition, written The Prescription for yourself and put it into action- but you’re still sick? Are you doing something wrong? Is it your fault you’re still sick?

Absolutely not — and any talk of guilt, blame, or shame for someone on a healing journey only activates more stress responses and harms the body.

So, what’s the deal? This is where the art of surrender comes in. Some patients do everything “right” and spontaneous remission happens. But others are the proverbial choir- and they’re still sick. Why does this happen? This is a difficult question to answer. I believe that the only real answer is a spiritual one and that our souls come here on this earth to learn lessons, and illness can be a spiritual practice, a way to learn our life lessons and a part of our soul’s destiny.

If you follow the above advice, trust that you are doing everything within your power to help your body heal itself – and the rest is out of your hands. So, take a deep breath, trust the Universe, surrender attachment to any particular health outcome, and let any health condition you face be an opportunity for spiritual awakening.

Brennan Healing Science – Energy Healing Modality


After years of researching the Human Energy Field and studying many different healing modalities, Dr. Barbara Brennan developed Brennan Healing Science, a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. This work combines High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing. It touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

Dr. Brennan’s best-selling books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine and are drawn on by practitioners of various forms of energy healing. They are also the main textbooks used at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing includes studies in personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception. Practitioners are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialized hands-on healing techniques and skills in professional practice and integrative care. These techniques and skills cannot be learned from reading Dr. Brennan’s books alone. Graduates also have a high sensory awareness of the connections between mind, body and emotions. The program is vigorous and require dedication and a significant investment, on many levels, from the practitioner.

A BHS Practitioner holds each healing session as a sacred experience. The practitioner’s primary objective is to support you in your unique healing journey with proficiency, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner is committed to creating a safe, empathic, and life-affirming environment to best facilitate your healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, the BHS Practitioner applies his or her knowledge and training to support the evolution of the human spirit. BHS may be combined with traditional medicine or other modalities. When done so, BHS can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating change on a holistic level that feeds both the physical body and the soul.

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A BHS Session:

Brennan Healing Science is a dynamic hands-on healing system that works with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. During a session, blocked energy is released, allowing you to feel more emotions and sensations in the body. You may experience new internal realizations that result in positive change and growth. After a session, some have a deeper sense of self or a more comprehensive sense of wholeness. Others become aware of previously hidden beliefs and attitudes which, once addressed, result in an improved relationship to the self and others. The BHS Practitioner works with you to facilitate healing in whatever form it takes. During the healing, an interconnection between mind, body, and soul is awakened.

While each client has his or her own unique experience, below are some of the benefits you may experience during the course of or even after a BHS session:

  • Increased sense of well-being or feeling lighter
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • Heightened clarity and focus
  • Balancing of the body systems resulting in a feeling of being grounded in the physical body
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • A sense of safety to express feelings and thoughts
  • Conscious awakening and mindfulness
  • Renewed sense of self-acceptance and opening to personal power
  • Reduced stress and increased pleasure
  • Healing and transformation of relationships
  • Healing of chronic conditions
  • Deeper contact to creative movement and expression
  • Personal evolution
  • Ability to heal more quickly
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Sense of life purpose and alignment with life task
  • Reversal of the dis-ease process

All systems in the body and the energy field are healthier when they are grounded, nourished and balanced. BHS Practitioners respect your fundamental personal journey. As healers, we maintain a level of integrity that serves the Highest Good in each session. Our mission is to guide and support you in your sacred journey of transformation.

Typical Session:

Before receiving a Brennan Healing Science session, it is helpful to become clear on what your intention is for the session and your healing journey. The more clear you are on your needs and goals, the more likely you are to have your needs met and your goals achieved.

During our first session, we will spend approximately 60 minutes talking together. The basis of this discussion is the client in-take form that should be filled beforehand.

During this client in-take, I will ask you questions about your holistic health: physical, emotional, mental, and relationship history. While BHS Practitioners are not doctors and therefore do not diagnose illness or prescribe drugs, it is important that you share your health history completely. In doing so, I will know how to work with your energy system and which techniques to apply.

Once the discussion is complete, you will lie down on a healing table, fully clothed. Typically a BHS Practitioner will first give you a chelation which starts at the feet and ends at the head. A chelation is an energy healing technique that clears, charges and balances the energy field and chakras. I may work with your energy through light touch or without having my hands on your body. During the chelation, I stay connected to the earth, self, Spirit and you; working with my own energy field to facilitate change in your energy field. Energy is transmitted to you through focus, intention, and attention. Once the chelation is complete, I may use various techniques, such as:

  • Chakra restructuring
  • Organ restructuring
  • Working with energetic relationship cords

You may also receive a Hara and Core Star healing. Hara is often referenced in martial arts as the center of being. Hara is where we hold our intentions, life purpose, and life task. Hara is an energetic line that connects you to the earth and the heavens. Thus, a Hara healing can help you connect with your life purpose and assist you with its manifestation.

Core Star is your Divine essence or your unique qualities that nobody else has in the same way as you. Healing Core Star can result in a feeling acceptance and a knowing of Divinity on a deep level.

These two dimensions of Hara and Core Star are really what sets the Brennan Healing Science Practitioner apart from other practitioners, as we actively engage these dimensions during healings.

During the session, your job is to receive and relax as much as possible. Each person’s experience during the session is unique and will differ. Some people find it helpful to pay attention to the breath. Others will fall asleep or enter into a half sleep or alpha state of relaxation. A wide range of emotions may arise. Often people find the healings to be very relaxing and experience a floating sensation.

Blocked energy is released, allowing you to have a fuller and more comprehensive sense of self. The relationship between you and your healer is transformative and awakens the interconnection between mind, body, and soul. This relationship may take time to build. You are encouraged to soften into transformation and allow the organic process of healing to unfold.

After the session is complete, I will spend a short amount time with you. While it is understandable that you might have questions after a healing, generally, it is advisable to keep the conversation to a minimum so that the healing can be fully held and integrated. Questions may be asked at a later time or at the next session. It is not uncommon to have vivid dreams the evening of the healing or in subsequent days.

What Sets Brennan Healing Science Practitioners Apart?

Ethics & Integrity

We are aligned with the highest of ethical principles and integrity for the highest good of our clients. While we are proficient with healing techniques, it is our sacred hearts with which we hold the client to help them bring healing into their lives.

Presence & Compassion

We are trained in bringing presence and deep contact to our clients in order to hold a safe container for them to experience their healing from within. As we have worked through our own personal process and healing, we can then hold that place for another in a safe and compassionate manner.

Global Healing

Practitioners hold the highest intention for the healing and awakening of their personal clients as well as a vision of healing for the earth and the global community.


Practitioners of Brennan Healing Science are highly trained through a minimum four-year rigorous professional studies program and are passionate about our work and the personal spiritual path on which we express this passion and creativity.


Practitioners of Brennan Healing Science collaborate within interprofessional teams in diverse settings on behalf of indivdiuals, families and communities, bringing expertise on the human energy consciousness system.

Melina’s Experience

We are simply so much more powerful, physically, emotionally and mentally, than what most of us believe possible. A fundamental change in our belief systems is one of the most powerful healing and transforming tools that we have at our disposal. It is the foundation on which all of your healing will be built. Having worked with clients from over 70 countries worldwide, I can help you learn to transform nearly any challenge you are faced with. I will ask you to trust in the process and empower you to take your power back. I look forward to guiding you on this transformative, inner journey.

What are you looking to create in your life and how would you like Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy to help you? Contact me and let’s see how I can assist you.

The First Session is an introduction to Spirit Mentoring and Energy Therapy and together with the Balancing & Charging sessions can be used for specific or acute issues. The First Session usually lasts 2+ hours.

Start our work together with a First Session, and then you can choose to continue with a Series of 3 Full-Spectrum Sessions or an Integrative Series of 6 Full-Spectrum Sessions. It is recommended to schedule the first 3 appointments within 4-6 weeks.

A free 30-minute consultation is available on the phone or on Zoom.

New Client – Non-members

First Session: 2.5-3 hours


Series of Three Full-Spectrum Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy – First Session plus Two 2-3 hour sessions


 Full Spectrum Transformation Package: First Session plus 6 in-depth 2-3 hour Sessions


Existing Client – Members

Balancing & Charging: 60+ minutes


New Client – Non-members

First Session: 2.5-3 hours


Series of Three Full-Spectrum Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy – First Session plus Two 2-3 hour sessions


 Full Spectrum Transformation Package: First Session plus 6 in-depth 2-3 hour Sessions


Existing Client – Members

Balancing & Charging: 60+ minutes


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