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We have all experienced times when the free flow of our energy seems blocked. Energy blockages result in dysfunctional behavior and health problems. It is fundamental to understand the dynamics of your subtle energy body within your multidimensional being. We can examine your personal history related to each energy center’s issues – which developmental stage, with traumas and abuses that affect their functioning.

And, then we can apply exercises and techniques – physical techniques, meditations, energy, healing, real-world tasks and visualization techniques that can help influence change in your subtle energy and, thus, your life.

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Each Retreat includes a discussion that integrates new-edge science and ancient wisdom. The focus will be on the practical application of this knowledge in your life. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathing, Chakracises, spiritual counseling, life coaching, energy healing and extra sensory perception exercises to help you connect into the consciousness of different aspects of your energy field, whether for healing or empowerment. We will look at the importance of self-care from a holistic perspective and what that means for each energy center and your life as a whole. For each retreat, we will bring in holistic professionals – from Yoga, Chi Gong, Massage, Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, Shamanic Practitioners and more – to augment your experience and deepen your transformation.

Group Retreats in 2023

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

This 2-day retreat is for you if you are consciously or unconsciously undermining your values, goals or intentions and are looking to become empowered through healing your relationship with yourself.

What Would Love Do?

This 2-day retreat is for you if you want to heal your relationships and to learn to live a heart-centered existence. We will be learning to simply be love and to ask yourself this fundamental question within each relationship.

Who Are You Becoming?

This 2-day retreat is for you if you are interested in exploring a spiritually-based empowerment, co-creation and manifestation, if you want to become more aligned through authentic self-expression and divine self-awareness.

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