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Couple’s Reiki Energy Healing & Brennan Healing Science Relational Cord Work at Oasis

A 90-minute Session

Couple’s Reiki Energy Healing & Brennan Healing Science Relational Cord Work at Oasis

A 90-minute Session

At Oasis in Sedona, our Retreat Center, we are offering Couple’s Reiki Energy Healing & Brennan Healing Science Relational Cord Work. We also offer Couple’s Healing Experientials.

Try a Unique Experience in Sedona

From a healer’s perspective, all of life’s challenges start first in the client’s energy field. The energy field is capable of being distorted, blocked, stagnated, torn and burnt. From either physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual trauma, the energy field can be stopped from its healthy vibrant flow. Within couples we experience relational cords and their attachments between partners. In a Couple’s Energy Healing we can begin to heal and strengthen those connections through relational cord work that will enable a clearer and healthier energetic flow between both of you. 


This is for You if you would like to:

Have a truly Memorable Sacred Experience with your Partner

Experience an Energy Healing with your partner or friend

Improve your Relationship

Address some Relationship challenges

What You Will Receive

Private, Personalized Couple's Session in Oasis in Sedona

60-minute Energy Healing within a 90-minute Session

Unique Sedona Spiritual Experience for Couples

In addition to Energy Healing, you will profoundly deepen your healing experience through:

Breathwork is conscious breathing. You will learn to manipulate your breathing rate and depth with the intention of bringing awareness to your breath and body. This will ultimately provide you with the same benefits you would achieve from a meditative practice. While various breathing practices have been around for centuries, science and medicine has only recently begun to validate all the benefits. It has been shown to reduce stress, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and boost your immune system.
Visualization is a specific way of using your imagination to purposefully create visual mental imagery, with eyes open or closed, in order to maintain, inspect or transform those images. The intention is to transform associated emotions or feelings, which may result in subsequent positive physiological or psychological effects, such as expediting the healing of wounds to the body, minimizing physical pain, alleviating strong emotions, such as anxiety and sadness, and improving self-esteem.
Body Relaxation
Body Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body. In general, body relaxation techniques involve refocusing your attention on something calming and increasing awareness of your body and all your physical senses. Progressive muscle relaxation is one technique, and yoga is another.
Tibetan Singing Bowl
The sound and vibrations of the singing bowl help open your energy field to the experience.
Couples Reiki Healing

Melina’s Experience

I am grateful to be able to offer energy healing and relational cord work for couples and look forward to welcoming you on another transformative journey. Often only one person within a couple has experienced energy healing or Reiki. Often there is only one person within a couple who has started on a spiritual journey of their own. This can feel at times that it you are going down different paths, leading to the other partner feeling left out or not included. I can help you reconnect to each other through the relational cord work and experientials that we can also explore.

60-minute Couple’s Energy Healing in a 90-minute session at Oasis in Sedona: 

Please send me a text or call me on 928-821-9061 to schedule.

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