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Conscious Breathing Meditation in the Salt Room

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Conscious Breathing Meditation in the Salt Room

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At Sedona Infinity Spa, we are offering Meditations in the Salt Room.


Try a Unique Experience in Sedona


Conscious Breathing Meditation involves directing awareness to the breath and developing habits that improve respiration. Conscious breathing can aid in stress reduction and improve respiratory conditions. Doing this in the Salt Room takes both Conscious Breathing and Meditation to another level.


Conscious Breathing has been shown to reduce stress and boost your immune system. For many centuries yogis have used breath control, or pranayama, to promote concentration and improve vitality. Buddha advocated breath-meditation as a way to reach enlightenment. Science has only recently begun to study and prove some breathing practices are beneficial. Studies have found, for example, that breathing practices can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. One theory is that certain types of consciously-controlled breathing can change the response of the body’s autonomic nervous system, which controls unconscious processes such as heart rate and digestion as well as the body’s stress response.


It is believed that, if you consciously changing the way you breathe, a signal is sent to the brain to adjust the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. This can slow heart rate, lower your blood pressure, improve your digestion and promote feelings of calm. When you take slow, steady breaths, your brain gets the message that all is well and activates the parasympathetic response. When you take shallow rapid breaths or hold your breath, the sympathetic response is activated and your body receives a rush of stress hormones. 



This is for You if you would like to:

Experience Meditation in a Salt Room

Learn how to easily enter into Alpha Brain Waves

Practice Conscious Breathing on a Regular Basis

Improve your Respiratory Health

Address some Skin Concerns

Conscious breathing meditations are also great for people who have trouble meditating.

Dry Salt Therapy benefits adults and children alike. It is natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. It is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the immune system.

For general respiratory hygiene, once or twice a week visiting your local salt therapy facility will enhance the lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and aid better sleep. Halotherapy Packages are available from Sedona Infinity Spa.

What You Will Receive

Small Group Meditation in the Salt Room

Unique Experience in Sedona

In addition to the Meditation Practice, you will profoundly deepen your experience through:

Breathwork is conscious breathing. You will learn to manipulate your breathing rate and depth with the intention of bringing awareness to your breath and body. This will ultimately provide you with the same benefits you would achieve from a meditative practice. While various breathing practices have been around for centuries, science and medicine has only recently begun to validate all the benefits. It has been shown to reduce stress, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and boost your immune system.
Visualization is a specific way of using your imagination to purposefully create visual mental imagery, with eyes open or closed, in order to maintain, inspect or transform those images. The intention is to transform associated emotions or feelings, which may result in subsequent positive physiological or psychological effects, such as expediting the healing of wounds to the body, minimizing physical pain, alleviating strong emotions, such as anxiety and sadness, and improving self-esteem.
Salt Room

Scientific research has found that inhaled dry salt particles have bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce inflammation in the entire respiratory tract and widen the airway passages. Dry salt particles are also known to accelerate the transportation of mucus, the elimination of residual tar and foreign allergens. A clean respiratory system naturally results in higher oxygen intake, increased energy, and an improved immune system.

Scientific research has confirmed that the micro-particles of salt have a beneficial influence on the skin and hairs providing healing and cosmetic effects. This increases the activity of skin cell ion channels and activates electrophysiological activity that determines the skin’s protective properties. The salt provides pH normalization and induces reparative and regenerative processes in derma, increases skin rigidity, stimulates growth, and improves hair health. The dry salt impacts the skin microcirculation and assists cellular membrane activity used in dermatology and cosmetology and enhances their effectiveness.

Tibetan Singing Bowl
The sound and vibrations of the singing bowl help open your energy field to the experience.

Melina’s Experience

My experience with Salt Rooms is fairly new. Having lived in Europe for nearly 30 years, I knew that salt therapy is very popular throughout Europe and in some parts of the Middle East. It is even covered by some health insurace plans in some countries. But, I had never experienced it until I tried a Yoga Nidra session led by Sedona Infinity Spa’s practitioner Elizabeth Vlangas. It was truly transformative how the dry salt enabled a deeper breath, and how I could feel through my expanded breath my body and mind were able to very quickly fully relax and journey with Elizabeth and the other participants. Time expanded during the session as we were all embraced by the soothing words and healing salt.

I am grateful to be able to offer Conscious Breathing Meditations and Energy Healings in the Salt Room at Sedona Infinity Spa and look forward to welcoming you on another transformative journey.


45-minute Conscious Breathing Guided Meditations in the Salt Room – 1-4 people: 


$60 + $25 Salt Room Fee

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