Know Flow Grow

with Melina Fuhrmann

When you find yourself at life’s crossroads

Transform your life with Melina

Empower yourself to create more flow in your life, to be more balanced, and to align with your life purpose, enabling yourself to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, or in any way that is holding you back from thriving as your authentic self.

Spirit Mentoring, Energy Healing and Energy Consciousness Teaching is available in person and online. Join a community of people from more than 70 countries who have experienced transformation of their health, relationships, emotional well-being, and much more. 

Free yourself from Limiting Beliefs

Create Balance and Flow in your Life

Experience Full Spectrum Transformation

Align with your Life Purpose

Reconnect to your Core Essence

One-on-One Services:

Spirit Mentoring & Energy Therapy, Couple’s Spiritual Experientials, Nature as Sanctuary, Meditation Mentoring & Energy Management Techniques

All services available in-person and online

Prepare yourself for your visit to Sacred Sedona by beginning your transformational journey before you arrive

Courses & Retreats

Courses are available online, in Sedona and Switzerland. You may join a group in-person or online, create your own group or learn 1-to-1 with Melina.

Next in-person Course in Sedona: What Would Love Do? Heal your Relationships by Aligning with Love – October 2-3, 2021 at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

What Is SpiritFlow?

SpiritFlow is for you if you feel you are at one of life’s crossroads and if you believe that you are fundamentally a spiritual being having a physical existence. It is for you if you believe that there is a strong Body-Mind connection that you would like to understand and master.

SpiritFlow is for you if you believe that your Level of Consciousness is foundational to:

Your Vision

Finding your Life Purpose

Healing your Relationships

Expanding your Mindset

Releasing your Emotions

Nourishing your Health and Well-being

And to how all these can Effortlessly Unfold in YOUR Life!

Full Spectrum Energy Healing

Healing begins with changes in the vibratory frequencies that you are experiencing on all levels of your being. This can be done in many ways, either through hands-on-healing or at a distance or even through learning.

Releasing Emotional Trauma

Transformation begins with acknowledging your past programming and trauma. It continues with understanding how your chosen path has brought you to the place where you now will experience healing through the release and transformation of these held energies. 

Self-Care, Self-Healing & Immune System Optimization

As an integral part of your transformation, you will experience your own subtle energy and learn how to use it for self-care, self-healing and immune system optimization.

SpiritFlow Teachings

Transformation continues with a commitment to yourself and self-responsibility. As your Spirit Mentor, I will assist you your empowerment to be self-reliant for your transformation. This might entail deepening your knowledge through SpiritFlow Courses.

Life Purpose Discovery

In order to discover your life purpose, it will be essential to work with intention and your innate core strengths. You will discover a new you… Empowered, Intentionally, Effortlessly.

Life's Crossroads

7 Sure Signs that you’re there and what you can do about it

Mind-Body Connection

5 Life-Changing Beliefs that Unlock Wellbeing

Nature as Medicine

The SpiritFlow Sanctuary. Finding yourself in Sedona.

Life's Wake-Up Call

12 Key Factors that can make a difference

About Melina

Melina is a spirit mentor, healer and guide like no other. She is a holistic coach, therapist, spiritual counselor, speaker, and your biggest support and fan, if you choose to work with her. Embodying the wisdom of an ancient mystic and the dedication of a grounded, highly-educated professional, Melina has enabled full spectrum transformations in her clients from over 70 countries during her many years in Switzerland and now in Sedona.

Working with clients from all over the world, she is whole-heartedly dedicated to empowering you to create more flow and balance in your life, to free yourself from limiting beliefs, and to align with your life purpose, enabling you to transform and heal in any way that is holding you back from your untapped potential.

Meet her online or in Sedona now.

Courses & Retreats – Online, Sedona & Switzerland

Energy Consciousness

Learn about your subtle energy and how you can cultivate a life transformation through self-knowledge, self- awareness, and life-changing practices.


The body knows how to heal itself. Learn how you can empower yourself to direct and improve your energy and achieve healing holistically.


Flow is a very embodied state. You are fully present and fully in tune with all your senses. It allows effortlessly to become guiding force in your life.


Nature is our Sanctuary in these times of turbulence. SpiritFlow will be holding retreats both in Sedona and in Switzerland.

Set your Intention. 

Take the Challenge.

Feel the Flow.

Become more Balanced.

Transform Yourself.

Start Manifesting a New Path Today!